Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pinterest! To peak your interest...

So like someone else said, 'Oh no! Not another internet fad!'

But I can assure you, Pinterest could serve you long term.

What is it?
It is your own personal dashboard for everything cool you find on the net. You just go to your page, and there you have, all your favourite things that even Mary of The Sound of Music Would sing about!

So, say you like a picture and go 'hey, I want to come back to that later!' and so, you hit a 'Pin it' button and viola (yes that's the right spelling!) it is posted, onto your own little <b>pin</b>-board of in<b>terest</b>! <i>See what I did there? Pin-terest... bold text.... yes....

Yeah that was lame....
Anyway! So I have a pinterest board of the things that interest me. Comment and I'll follow you!

And if you have a twitter, I'll follow that too...

And if you have youtube... I'll follow that too.

And if you have facebook, I'll subscribe to that to!

You mean be a friend.
No I mean subscribe...

Who the heck subscribes to facebook?
People who don't want to be stalked... by... people....

You saying I'm a stalker?
Well, maybe... but I don't know. I mean, I don't know you, so really, you could be anyone

Gee thanks...
Anyway! Get on pinterest now!

Whatever *walks out and slams door*
You can't walk out! You're my proverbial audience!

I can't hear you!
Then why are you replying?!


Okay, bye! And get pinning!

That's not a word!

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